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Empowering Women Through Fashion

Confidence is the key to success. There is no denying that the way a person dresses up can impact the way they feel. Gender equality is a global issue, but the world we live in faces a persistent gap in access to opportunities and decision-making power for women and men. Therefore, bringing awareness towards this issue is important.


Empowerment is all about confidence, and fashion is amazing. It also reflects having an aesthetic such as a preference for print, colors, style, or the courage to pair unusual clothing pieces together. The power of fashion is that clothes have the ability to outstand and let you shine from the inside out. Whether wearing a powerful suit for a job interview or a statement t-shirt for everyday errands, the clothes we wear become our message to the world. To bring awareness towards women; s rights, it is important to advocate for every woman's right to be safe. Have equality in the work setting and the ability to live her best life.


Moda Goods Inc. is a small business with female CEO and has employed many women across all our departments. We have designed clothes to make sure that women who wear our clothes feel confident and empowered.


In celebration of women’s day, Moda Goods is offering 15% off on all our women’s apparel (USE CODE: GIRLPOWER . Celebrate Women's Day with Moda Good



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