Buckyol C60 YEX Free Radical Terminator - Water-based Fullerene Super Antioxidant, Immunity Booster and Anti Aging Oral Solution - 30ml

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  • ✔ COMPLETELY WATER-SOLUBLE- Unlike oil-based Fullerene C60 products, Buckyol has created a completely water-soluble C60 that is highly bioavailable; as the human body is 60% water, Buckyol C60 is easy to take, quick to absorb
  • ✔ POWERFUL SUPER ANTI-OXIDANT- 99.99+% vacuum-sublimed, pure, solvent-free anisotropic hydroxylated C60 mineral that works as a super antioxidant and unlike 2D polyphenols found in Vitamins or Royal Jelly or red wine, this 3D molecular structure of C60 is more stable with higher concentrations; one ml of Buckyol C60 contains sextillion (10^21) Fullerene “buckyballs”--to get the same benefits as our bottle might require a bucket of red wine or royal jelly every day
  • ✔ PACKS A HIGH DOSE of C60- Our 30ml bottle contains 3000 mg or 3g of C60, magnitudes higher than the C60 found in competing products; for example, a leading oil-based provider carries 24 mg (compared to our 3,000 mg) of C60 in a bottle
  • ✔ VALUE FOR MONEY, COVERING FOUR MONTHS- Each bottle contains 30ml of our water-soluble C60 and with our recommended dose of 0.25 ml per day, this translates into 120 servings or *four months*; the price of USD 200 for 120 days means around a dollar and a half for each dose, lesser than our daily cup of coffee
  • ✔ MADE IN USA- Our products are made in GMP and cGMP certified manufacturing facilities in California, USA, following FDA-registered organic-grade processes with the highest standards of quality assurance (QA)